International museum day: May 18th

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What is Museum Day?

Every May 18th, International Museum Day is celebrated, during which activities or discounts are proposed to facilitate and encourage access to museums and culture.

International Museum Day is celebrated every year on May 18th with the aim of raising public awareness about the crucial role museums play in the development of society. Consequently, the International Council of Museums (ICOM) established this date in 1977. This day seeks to promote the importance of museums as institutions that preserve and transmit the cultural and scientific heritage of humanity.

Each edition of International Museum Day has a specific theme. These themes highlight social and cultural aspects of museums. In previous years, topics such as sustainability, digital innovation, and social inclusion have been addressed. Additionally, each year reflects the current challenges and opportunities for museums.

On International Museum Day, museums organize activities and events. These activities include guided tours, workshops, exhibitions, conferences, and presentations. The goal is to attract a diverse audience. Efforts are made to make museums accessible to everyone by removing economic and social barriers.

The COVID-19 pandemic has posed challenges for museums. This forced them to adapt and explore innovative ways to interact with the public. For this reason, the adoption of digital technologies accelerated. Virtual tours, online exhibitions, and digital educational resources were created. This expanded the reach of museums beyond their physical walls.

In conclusion, May 18th emphasizes the need to protect and support museums as essential resources for cultural enrichment and human development.

May 18th 2024 at ILUZIONA

To commemorate this special day, the ILUZIONA museum offers a fantastic 10% discount to all students and completely free admission for teachers. Come and enjoy a unique and enriching cultural experience!


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