Recorrido del corpus christi en Toledo


Corpus Christi is a Christian celebration that commemorates the real presence of the body and blood of Jesus Christ in the Eucharist.

In Toledo, Spain, the Corpus Christi celebration is especially famous and has a long tradition. The festivity is characterized by solemn religious processions that traverse the city streets. Participants in these processions include representatives of the church, civil and religious authorities. Specifically, it is celebrated at the end of May between May 27th and June 2nd. The parade day through the streets of Toledo being May 30th.

During the procession, the monstrance containing the consecrated host is carried in procession through the main streets and squares of the city. The streets along the procession route are often decorated with floral carpets and tapestries, creating a festive and religious atmosphere.

Unquestionably , in Toledo, Corpus Christi is a deeply rooted celebration in the local culture. It attracts numerous faithful and tourists who come to witness this impressive display of faith and devotion.

What is usually done during the corpus christi?

During the celebration of Corpus Christi in Toledo, a series of events and activities take place that embellish the city and honor this important religious festival.

Preparations: Days before the festival, both the streets of the procession route and the Cathedral itself are adorned. Streets are covered with old awnings, balconies are decorated with flags and ornaments, and the Cathedral is adorned with 17th-century Flemish tapestries.

Parade and rehearsals: On the day before the procession, a parade is held with the Tarasca, the Gigantones, and music groups to entertain the population. Moreover, a rehearsal conducted with an official procession to ensure everything is ready for the following day.

Corpus Day: On the day of the festival, the city wakes up to reveille and the firing of real bombs. In addition, at 11:00, a salute of mortars announces the start of the procession through the Llana door of the Cathedral.

Lastly, on May 30th starting at 11 a.m., the SOLEMN PROCESSION of the Most Holy Corpus Christi in the Custody of Arfe is celebrated.

Procession: The procession traverses the adorned streets of Toledo, passing through emblematic places such as the Cuatro Calles, the Plaza de Zocodover, and the street of Alfileritos. The custody, crafted by Enrique de Arfe in the 16th century, is the central element of the procession. It is carried on a litter through the streets by religious and civil authorities, as well as members of brotherhoods and fraternities.


The route of the Corpus Christi procession in Toledo is an integral part of the celebration and passes through the most emblematic and adorned streets of the city.

Departure from the Primate Cathedral: The procession begins at the Primate Cathedral of Toledo, exiting through the Llana door, one of the main entrances to the temple.

Cuatro Calles: From the Cathedral, the procession heads towards Cuatro Calles, a crossroads marking the beginning of the route through the historic streets of Toledo.

Plaza de Zocodover: One of the highlights of the route is the Plaza de Zocodover, a historic and emblematic square in Toledo where the procession makes a significant stop.

Alfileritos Street: The procession continues along the picturesque Alfileritos Street, known for its narrow dimensions and medieval charm.

Other streets and squares: In addition to the mentioned places, the procession may pass through other streets and squares in the historic center of Toledo, such as Commerce Street, City Hall Square, Trinidad Street, among others.

Return to the Cathedral: After traversing the adorned streets of the city, the procession returns to the Primate Cathedral of Toledo, where the celebration culminates with a special ceremony.

Throughout the procession, it is accompanied by a multitude of faithful and spectators who gather in the streets to witness the passage of the magnificent custody. The city transforms into a colorful, historical, and traditional stage. Thus, creating a unique and festive atmosphere that reflects the profound devotion of the inhabitants of Toledo towards Corpus Christi.


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